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How to buy a used electric car in India? Check out top tips

How to buy a used electric car in India? Check out top tips

If you have never owned an electric car before, plan to buy a used electric car can be intimidating. Electric vehicles need different thinking than petrol or diesel-powered ones. When looking for a used electric car, you need to keep in mind a few extra factors.

Maruti Suzuki teases the launch of 2022 Jimny

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki India has teased a new future car via the Nexa social media handle. It could be the Jimny SUV, one of Maruti Suzuki’s eagerly awaited SUVs in India. The Indo-Japanese automaker has already produce a three-door version of the SUV for export, however, India will likely receive Jimny’s five-door variant, which is now in development.


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